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Inspiring the Next Generation

How do national parks remain relevant to new generations and underserved communities? What can the NPS do to ensure national parks are inclusive, accessible and relevant? How do national parks impact our lives, and what steps can we take to inspire the next generation of diverse conservation stewards, advocates and workforce?

David Vela

David Vela is the former Deputy/Acting Director of the National Park Service. He was the first Latino nominated by the President of the United States to serve as agency Director. Prior to his arrival in Washington, DC, he was the former superintendent of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming....

Hola Ranger, My Journey Through The National Parks
David Vela
Nature / Environment / Outdoor Adventure
Raymond David Vela
December 2021
ISBN 9781737727002
236 pages

Hola Ranger chronicles the life story of a Latino growing up in the farmlands of Southeast Texas, his first visit to a national park, and the impact that it had on his life. More/less