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Olympic Legends

Jim Thorpe, Charles Daniels and Luisa Harris were Olympic heroes in their respective sports. All of them took different yet difficult roads to the awards stand. Today we'll see why Thorpe, Daniels and Harris were heroes in more ways than one.

Michael Loynd

Michael Loynd is a representative on the IOC’s World Union of Olympic Cities, a member of the International Society of Olympic Historians and an Olympic lecturer. Loynd's most recent work is "The Watermen," and his previous book "All Things Irish" was an Amazon Bestseller....

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Andrew Maraniss

Andrew Maraniss is the author of four books on sports, history and social justice for teens and adults. His first book, "Strong Inside," was a biography of Perry Wallace, the first Black basketball player in SEC history....

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David Maraniss

David Maraniss is a New York Times bestselling author and associate editor at The Washington Post. He is a three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist and won a Pulitzer for National Reporting for his 1992 coverage of then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton....

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The Watermen
The Birth of American Swimming and One Young Man's Fight to Capture Olympic Gold
Michael Loynd
Ballantine Books
January 2022
ISBN 9780593357040
416 pages

Inaugural Ballers
The True Story of the First US Women's Olympic Basketball Team
Andrew Maraniss
September 2022
ISBN 9780593351246
352 pages

Path Lit by Lightning
The Life of Jim Thorpe
David Maraniss
Simon & Schuster
August 2022
ISBN 9781476748412
608 pages
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