Tucson Festival of Books

First Phone: Tips to Ensure Kids Stay Safe, Smart and Kind On-Line

Screen time is a constant battle in children's lives. This session offers tips to ensure kids stay safe, smart and kind online around issues of boundaries, digital etiquette, safety, self-care, social media, cyberbullying and scams/phishing. Pearlman will explain when and how to monitor children's phones, how to limit time on social media, and why it's important to turn off notifications and keep phones out of the bedroom. Her new children's book on these topics is available at the festival.

Catherine Pearlman

Catherine Pearlman is the founder of The Family Coach and a licensed clinical social worker who has been working with children and families for more than 25 years. She's on a mission to help parents enjoy parenting more....

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First Phone
A Child's Guide to Digital Responsibility, Safety, and Etiquette
Catherine Pearlman
Children / Teens
July 2022
ISBN 9780593538333
144 pages