Tucson Festival of Books

Art and Artists in Picturebooks

Picturebooks can inspire children to create arts and come to view themselves as an artists. Participants will engage in activities around three picturebooks to create an interactive 3D playground and sculptures and explore place value. Examples from children will also be shared and there will be time for book browsing.

Chika Hayashi-Willis

Chika is an educator for 23 years and currently working as OMA (Opening Minds through the Arts) Arts Integration Specialist at Van Buskirk Elementary School in TUSD. She provides students art lessons with core academic subjects that teachers are focusing on in their classrooms....

Arizona author

Junko Sakoi

Junko Sakoi is a multicultural coordinator in Tucson Unified School District. She loves to share global and international literature with children and teens and invite them to written and artistic engagements to understand self and explore the world....

Arizona author