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Writing Workshop: The Inspiration of the Ordinary, Ages 5-12

In this interactive STEM poetry reading and writing workshop, we’ll become junior scientists, practicing observation as a way into poetry. We’ll consider three short bug poems by child poets, noticing how each describes bugs in fresh ways. Then, we’ll study a photo of a familiar creature and collect words, looking with a poet’s eye to see how the extraordinary often hides within the familiar. First, we’ll draft a group poem, and then, participants will be encouraged to write their own.

Dianne White

Dianne White is an award-winning author of picture books. Recent and forthcoming publications include "Look and Listen: Who's in the Garden," "Meadow, Brook?" illustrated by Amy Schimler-Safford, "Dark on Light," illustrated by Felicita Sala, "Winter Lullaby," illustrated by Ramona Kaulitzki and "The Sharing Book," illustrated by Simone Shin....

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Look and Listen
Who's in the Garden, Meadow, Brook?
Dianne White
Children / Teens
Holiday House
June 2022
ISBN 9780823443468
32 pages