Tucson Festival of Books

Writing Workshop: Experience a Day in Someone Else’s Paws (Ages 4-9)

This workshop gives children tools to create a scene from their lives as told by a special stuffed animal or toy. Through pretend play, movement, writing, and drawing, participants will enjoy a reading of "Teddy, let’s Go!" a new picturebook by Michelle Nott, identify the voice of the story, and create their own scene from everyday life as told from the point of view of a special stuffed animal or toy. Participants will leave with a short scene or a story they can share with others, written or illustrated by themselves.

Michelle Nott

Michelle Nott is a bilingual, dual-nationality author who finds inspiration in her family, her travels and particularly in American and French literature, culture and art. Born in the United States, Nott has also lived in France and in Belgium....

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Teddy Let's Go!
Michelle Nott
Children / Teens
Enchanted Lion Books, LLC
January 2022
ISBN 9781592703685
72 pages