Tucson Festival of Books

Board Books for Young Children: A Guide for Families and Educators

Authors Lori Alexander and Judi Moreillon give participants a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of their board books for young children. They will also share criteria for choosing high-quality board books and provide a list of recommended titles. Lori and Judi will share the best of the best in board books, whether you are looking for nap and bedtime stories, books on emotional and social awareness, or something classic or silly.

Lori Alexander

Lori Alexander is the author of award-winning nonfiction chapter books as well as picture books and board books for young readers. Her most recent board book, "You Are Getting Sleepy," earned a starred review from School Library Journal, who remarked "this irresistible ode to bedtime rituals is a must-have....

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Judi Moreillon

Judi Moreillon is a long-time Tucson resident and the author of two board books, "Vamos a leer/Read to Me" and "Please Don’t Give Me a Hug!" and two picturebooks for young readers and families. She is a former school librarian, retired librarian educator and a grandmother....

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Please Don't Give Me a Hug!
Judi Moreillon
Children / Teens
Star Bright Books, Incorporated
April 2021
ISBN 9781595729170
16 pages