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Light in the Dark Sky

What do you know about the moon? How about those fabulous flashes of lightning in the Arizona sky? Authors Rebecca Boyle and Ronald Holle share their expertise on the wonders above us in the night sky.

Rebecca Boyle

As a journalist, Rebecca Boyle has reported from particle accelerators, genetic sequencing labs, bat caves, the middle of a lake, the tops of mountains and the retractable domes of some of Earth’s largest telescopes....

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Ronald Holle

Ronald L. Holle is a meteorological consultant in Oro Valley, Ariz. He has worked extensively in meteorological education issues, particularly lightning safety and the demographics of lightning victims....

Our Moon
How Earth's Celestial Companion Transformed the Planet, Guided Evolution, and Made Us Who We Are
Rebecca Boyle
Science / Medicine / Technology
Random House Publishing Group
January 2024
ISBN 9780593129722
336 pages

Flashes of Brilliance
The Science and Wonder of Arizona Lightning
Ronald Holle
Science / Medicine / Technology
Springer International Publishing
April 2023
ISBN 9783031198786
231 pages
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