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Retro Queer: LGBTQ+ Narratives From the 80s

Dr. Lydia Otero and Manuel Muñoz engage on the topic of intersectionality between Mexican American, queer, and social class identities through a historical lens in circa 1980s California.

Manuel Muñoz

Manuel Muñoz is the author of three collections of short stories: "The Consequences," published by Graywolf Press in 2022, "The Faith Healer of Olive Avenue" and "Zigzagger." His novel, "What You See in the Dark," was published in 2011....

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Lydia Otero

Lydia R. Otero received a Ph.D. in History in 2003 and is an Emeritus Associate Professor in the Department of Mexican American Studies at the University of Arizona. In 2011, their book "La Calle: Spatial Conflicts and Urban Renewal in a Southwestern City" (2010) won a Southwest Book Award from the Border Regional Library Association....

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The Consequences
Manuel Muñoz
Nuestras Raices
Graywolf Press
October 2022
ISBN 9781644452066
224 pages

Manuel Muñoz
Nuestras Raices
Northwestern University Press
November 2003
ISBN 9780810120990
185 pages
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L.A. Interchanges
A Brown & Queer Archival Memoir
Lydia Otero
Nuestras Raices
Planet Earth Press
July 2023
ISBN 9781734118087
208 pages
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By combining the intimacy of a personal memoir with the rigor of documentary history, Lydia Otero weaves together a rich narrative of identity, activism, and personal transformation. More/less

La Calle
Spatial Conflicts and Urban Renewal in a Southwest City
Lydia Otero
Current Issues / Politics / Social Science
University of Arizona Press
November 2010
ISBN 9780816528882
Kindle Edition, 271 pages
$26.95, INSTORE
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