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Dreaming Up Stories to Put Out in the World

An author shares his experience of dreaming up stories and putting them out into the world and how his experiences differ from other authors. Where do the stories come from and who owns which parts of them before and after publication? Arya Shahi's new book is "An Impossible Thing to Say," a novel in verse about growing up in Tucson.

Arya Shahi

Arya Shahi is an Iranian-American playwright, poet and rapper. He is the co-founder of PigPen Theatre Co., an award-winning theatre company and band. With PigPen, Shahi has written, directed and performed in original plays, including "The Old Man and the Old Moon," as well as books adapted for stage, including Kate DiCamillo's "The Tale of Despereaux....

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An Impossible Thing to Say
Arya Shahi
HarperCollins Publishers
January 2023
ISBN 9780063248359
416 pages
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