Tucson Festival of Books

Tales from the Trail

Explore the profound journey of these two authors as they share tales of inspiration, contemplation, and realization. Discover how the trails they traveled became more than a physical experience, but a symbolic connection on a path to greater understanding.

Suzanne Roberts

Suzanne Roberts is a captivating author whose literary talents transport readers to the heart of the natural world and the human spirit. With a deep-rooted love for adventure and the outdoors, Roberts' writing reflects her unwavering passion for exploration and environmental conservation....

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Tom Zoellner

Tom Zoellner is the author of nine nonfiction books, including "Island on Fire: The Revolt that Ended Slavery in the British Empire," winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award for the best nonfiction book of 2020 and a finalist for the Bancroft Prize and the California Book Award....

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Almost Somewhere
Twenty-Eight Days on the John Muir Trail
Suzanne Roberts
Nature / Environment
U of Nebraska Press
October 2023
ISBN 9781496236920
318 pages
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Winner of the National Outdoor Book Award in Outdoor Literature It was 1993, Suzanne Roberts had just finished college, and when her friend suggested they hike California’s John Muir Trail, the adventure sounded like the perfect distraction from a difficult home life and thoughts about the future. More/less

Rim to River
Looking Into the Heart of Arizona
Tom Zoellner
Memoir / Essays / Creative Nonfiction
University of Arizona Press
January 2023
ISBN 9780816540020
352 pages