Tucson Festival of Books

Sharing Science Knowledge in Today's World

These dynamic authors discuss the art and science of sharing information in today's world.

Rebecca Boyle

As a journalist, Rebecca Boyle has reported from particle accelerators, genetic sequencing labs, bat caves, the middle of a lake, the tops of mountains and the retractable domes of some of Earth’s largest telescopes....

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Sarah Hart

Sarah Hart is a respected pure mathematician and a gifted expositor of mathematics. When promoted to full professor of mathematics at Birkbeck College in 2013, she became the youngest STEM professor at Birkbeck, its first ever woman mathematics professor and one of only five women mathematics professors under the age of 40 in the United Kingdom....

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Kenneth Miller

Kenneth Miller is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in Time, Life, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, Discover, Aeon and many other publications. His book, "Mapping the Darkness: The Visionary Scientists Who Unlocked the Mysteries of Sleep," was published in October 2023 by Hachette....

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Our Moon
How Earth's Celestial Companion Transformed the Planet, Guided Evolution, and Made Us Who We Are
Rebecca Boyle
Science / Medicine / Technology
Random House Publishing Group
January 2024
ISBN 9780593129722
336 pages

Once Upon a Prime
The Wondrous Connections Between Mathematics and Literature
Sarah Hart
Science / Medicine / Technology
Flatiron Books
April 2023
ISBN 9781250850881
304 pages
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Mapping the Darkness
The Visionary Scientists Who Unlocked the Mysteries of Sleep
Kenneth Miller
Science / Medicine / Technology
Hachette Books
October 2023
ISBN 9780306924958
432 pages
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