Tucson Festival of Books

Workshop: Screenwriting 201

This is Act 2 of screenwriter Paul Guyot's two-hour workshop, featuring writing exercises taken from his book and an interactive conversation about what works ... and what doesn't.

Paul Guyot

Paul Guyot loves dogs (and all animals) and has written and produced more than 200 hours of television. His work includes the JJ Abrams-created series "Felicity," the Emmy-winning "Judging Amy" and "Leverage" winner of back-to-back People’s Choice Awards....

Arizona author

Kill the Dog
The First Book on Screenwriting to Tell You the Truth
Paul Guyot
Domestique, Incorporated
September 2023
ISBN 9798218238544
250 pages

Paul Guyot who made a career as a screenwriter in Film and Television has written a book on how to do it, what it takes, and. More/less