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Pushing Through

If it sounds like a life made for the movies .. it is. Losing both legs in Iraq in 2007, Col. Greg Gadson found new purpose in life by mentoring a struggling NFL team to a Super Bowl championship. He has starred in a major motion picture, become a motivational speaker and supported countless veterans in their roads to recovery. He and his co-author, Terese Schlacter, will share his awe-inspiring story.

Gregory Gadson

Colonel Gregory Gadson (Ret.) was grievously wounded in an IED attack in Iraq in 2007 while he and his unit were returning from a service for two fallen soldiers. He subsequently lost both legs and severely injured his right arm, and, in the course of his rehabilitation and recovery, he became a source of inspiration and motivation for other war-wounded at the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center....

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Terese Schlachter

Terese Schlachter is an author, video producer, writing coach, instructor and Chief Storyteller at Ridgeback Communications. She began her career in her hometown of Toledo, Ohio, as a reporter at WTVG-TV, botching several live reports before taking her place behind the camera as a producer....

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Finding Waypoints
A Warrior's Journey Toward Peace and Purpose
Gregory Gadson, Terese Schlachter
Memoir / Essays / Creative Nonfiction
November 2023
ISBN 9781639640249
320 pages
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