Tucson Festival of Books

Writers on Writing

In this session, two award-winning authors and instructors share lessons they learned and inspiration they bestowed along the way.

George Getschow

A Pulitzer Prize finalist at The Wall Street Journal and a member of the Texas Institute of Letters, George Getschow is director of the Archer City Writers Workshop for professional writers, college and high school students in Larry McMurtry's hometown....

Deanne Stillman

Deanne Stillman is a highly regarded author known for her captivating storytelling and profound exploration of the American West's rich and often untamed history. With a career spanning decades, Stillman has crafted a body of work that delves into the complex tapestry of the real and mythological frontier, blending meticulous research with evocative prose....

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Pastures of the Empty Page
Fellow Writers on the Life and Legacy of Larry McMurtry
George Getschow
History / Biography
University of Texas Press
September 2023
ISBN 9781477327876
HardcoverA, 272 pages

A collection of essays that offers an intimate view of Larry McMurtry, America's preeminent western novelist, through the eyes of a pantheon of writers he helped shape through his work over the course of his unparalleled literary life.

American Confidential
Uncovering the Bizarre Story of Lee Harvey Oswald and his Mother
Deanne Stillman
History / Biography
Melville House
November 2023
ISBN 9781685890681
Hardcover, 256 pages

A noirish mother-son tale that plays out across the Wild West of mid-twentieth century America, delving into Oswald's nomadic boyhood, and the world of his restless and disillusioned mother, who passed along a legacy of class resentment and a clamorous need to matter.