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Greeking Out: A Drama Workshop for Children, Ages 8-12

Love Greek myths? Come to a workshop to create a live dramatic retelling of a Greek myth in the form of a live podcast. Kenny Curtis and Jillian Hughes created the popular Greeking Out podcast, which is now a new book, "Greeking Out."

Kenny Curtis

Kenny Curtis has been “making noise” for a long time. In his 25 years in Children’s Programming, Curtis has worked with companies as varied as Spotify, KidzBop, Sesame Workshop, National Geographic, Verizon, Clear Channel and Nashville’s 800 Pound Gorilla Media....

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Jillian Hughes

Jillian Hughes is a New York Times best-selling author with her heart in the kids and family industry. She's a scriptwriter for National Geographic Kids' "Greeking Out" podcast series and has contributed to other platforms including Pinna, Tinkercast and iHeart....

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Greeking Out
Epic Retellings of Classic Greek Myths
Kenny Curtis, Jillian Hughes
Disney Publishing Worldwide
September 2023
ISBN 9781426375965
192 pages
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