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Storywriting Playshop: A Writing Workshop, Ages 8+

Writing is fun so we're turning this workshop into a playshop! Get ready to write silliness and shenanigans as we write a story from beginning to end. Players will have time to write and share their work! Callie C. Miller is the author of "The Hunt for the Hollower" and a writer for animated television shows.

Callie C. Miller

Callie C. Miller writes for animated television shows, video game companies and (most importantly) herself. When she’s not writing, Callie is most likely reading comics or playing video games or dreaming about hot chocolate (as hot chocolate is very important nourishment for writers)....

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The Hunt for the Hollower
Callie C. Miller
Simon and Schuster
June 2023
ISBN 9781665918107
400 pages
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