A Virtual Festival Saturday, March 6 and Sunday, March 7, 2021

Sal Risinger, MSW, Author

I'm Sal Risinger, Channeler and Independent Author. I write channeled books with a group of consciousnesses, led by Seth (yes, that Seth) and including Abraham (yes, that Abraham), who've come together to teach us how to change our individual lives and how that changes the world. Our 2nd book, New Awareness From Seth and Others: Individuals and Communities, was just published in January, 2021! Book 2 continues the foundational story of Book 1, offering help from non-physical guides as we experience the joys, challenges and questions of our lives. One of the main themes of Book 2 is the connection between '19' (what the consciousnesses call the 'virus') and World Consciousness Change, a profound restructuring of our ...well, everything... spurred by the vibrational change of the Earth and our wishes for a more cooperative, peaceful world.

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