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The Tucson Festival of Books is dependent on volunteers to stage the festival. We could not have a positive impact on the community without the dedication of the 2,000+ people who assist in making the Festival friendly and welcoming to all of our guests. Here is a link to the TFOB and University of Arizona current Covid-19 protocol: by registering as a Festival volunteer you agree to abide by this policy. The TFOB website is the source for this information and can be found here.

Choose from the tabs to see volunteer opportunities in each of these areas:

  • Festival Weekend (Saturday or Sunday)
  • Pre-Festival positions (January until festival weekend in March)
  • Post-Festival activities (Monday post-festival as needed!)

We are grateful for your support of the festival...we love our volunteers!

Choose jobs

Festival Weekend

Author Transportation (43 slots available)
Shifts available
Job description

Job Description
● Transport authors to/from airport/hotels/UA Campus
…Maximum availability Thursday AM to Monday PM is requested.
(Need as much time as can be given.)
…A Volunteer Liaison will contact you to coordinate assignment(s).
● Must have a clean, reliable, air-conditioned vehicle with
…Enough room to comfortably carry all passengers
…Sufficient cargo space for luggage
● Must provide a copy of the following:
…Valid, unexpired driver’s license for dates of Festival
…proof of in-force insurance for dates of Festival
● Helps to use diplomacy to deal with varying temperaments

AGE TO VOLUNTEER: 21 minimum, 75 maximum

Exhibitor Load-In Support (1 slot available)
Shifts available
Job description

● Direct vendors to appropriate sites in the Festival area
● Verify vehicles are authorized to enter the Festival area.
● Help offload vehicles (did we decide to remove from JD?)
● Guide vendors to parking area
● Ensure vehicles enter and exit as designated through approved entry points

Food Court Host (8 slots available)
Shifts available
Job description

● Be a friendly face of the festival
● Help maintain safe & clean food court area(s)
● Provide assistance to those in need of aid
● Be generally knowledgeable about the festival layout
... Answer questions of festival goers
... Assist attendees with locating programs/activities
● Must be able to stand/walk for duration of shift(s)
● Requires being outdoors for duration of shift(s)
● MINIMUM AGE TO VOLUNTEER: 18 / 14, if volunteering with group or adult
... (include group/adult name in additional skills box)

Operations Troubleshooters (28 slots available)
Shifts available
Job description

● Act as the eyes & ears of the Festival
● Facilitate any & all actions to keep the Festival running smoothly
● Situations encountered might include:
... medical * facilities * sanitation * security *
... lost children * any matter requiring action *
● Having prior experience as a Festival volunteer is helpful but not required
● Knowledge of the Festival layout is helpful
● An orientation to this position and mall layout will be scheduled
● Must be able to deal effectively with varying temperaments
● Requires extensive walking and exposure to sun during entire shift

Sign Removal (6 slots available)
Shifts available
Job description

● Help remove signage/materials from indoor venues
● Deliver items removed to food court area
● Must be able to:
... Work in the sun/heat
... Use basic tools
... May be asked to work on a ladder
MINIMUM AGE TO VOLUNTEER: 18, 14 with a guardian or approved group

Surprise Me (9 slots available)
Shifts available
Job description

● May serve in one or more capacities, as needed; flexibility is a must!
● Assignment may be anywhere in the Festival, including Children/Teen area
…Please let us know in the Relevant Skills & Limitations box if this is not a good fit.
● Shift times may be adjusted based upon actual assignment
● May be requested to "troubleshoot" if necessary
● May be required to
…Walk up to ½ mile each way to/from assignment
…Stand for entire duration of shift(s)
…Be outside for entire shift


Take-down / Clean-up (28 slots available)
Shifts available
Job description

● Take-down/collect Festival signage and assets
● General clean-up of UA Mall
● May involve physical activity (walking, ladders, lifting, etc.)

> 14, if with a guardian
> 18, as an individual

Shifts available
Job description

Job Description
● Help manage lines outside the venue
● Maintain attendee queues for upcoming events
● Scan tickets (additional training provided) at ticketed events
● Assist with entry/exit of attendees at Author Events venues
● Provide directions, answer questions, interact with attendees and other volunteers
● Act as a Festival Ambassador
…Remain flexible and patient while responding to changing situations
…Respond to questions pleasantly to facilitate a positive experience for all
● Requires walking to/from assigned venues.
● Requires standing for duration of shift
● Could require being in sunlight/weather
● Minimum commitment request: 1 half-day shift

MINIMUM AGE TO VOLUNTEER: 18, unless volunteering with a pre-approved group.

Venue Monitors - Main Mall (16 slots available)
Shifts available
Job description

Job Description
● Assist inside Author Events venues: may be indoors or in tents
● Assist with set up and clean-up between events
● Manage traffic flow and seating of attendees before, during & after each event
● Fill each seat in the venue and no more
● Respond to speaker and moderator requests for assistance
● Fulfill assigned administrative tasks (provided in venue binder)
● Assist Festival Guides as needed
● Need to be flexible, patient, and maintain composure in interactions with others
● Volunteers will need to walk to/from assigned venues.
● May be required to stand for part or all of shift

MINIMUM AGE TO VOLUNTEER: 18, unless volunteering with a pre-approved group


Sign Management Inventory (10 slots available)
Shifts available
Job description

LOCATION: UArizona Campus Mall (Festival Food Court)
● Post-Festival job allows for maximum Author presentation attendance!
● Prepare signs for inventory as follows:
.... Inspect for damage
.... Discard signs with dates
.... Remove booth numbers & other affixed labels
.... Clean as necessary
.... Roll booth signs as directed
.... Sort for storage
.... Update status in database
● Minimum age to volunteer: 16

Review job selections

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Let the Festival use your name in promotional materials.
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